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  A platform for exchanging goods on emotions posted on social media.

“Check-In Bar is a new level of social media marketing” - Wall Street Journal

CHCK-N is an app that allows brand (e.g. alco & non-alco beverages) to build closer relationship with its consumers and make better targeted advertisement in social media, collecting detailed data on its prospective customers.
With CHCK-N app consumer can get a free drink in exchange of taking selfie that would be automatically marked with brand’s logo and posted on consumers Facebook page. Likewise this brand is being promoted among consumers friends on Facebook or Instagram. People consider this kind of promotion more of a friends advice rather than a direct advertisement.
The app is already tested by biggest global alcohol companies. They accept to pay $ 0,01 for each Like that branded picture is getting on Social media. Average picture posted using CHCK-N App is getting 27 likes. In basic marketing metrics, such way of SMM is 2 times more efficient and 3 times less costly than traditional way of advertisement (according to in-house marketing specialists for top alcohol brands)
In terms of market size we indicated over US$ 4.5 bln yearly spending on digital advertising for top global liquor brands only.

For the long term development our platform is supposed to get most of big data collected from app users and make branded selfies and likes as a universal exchange tool/currency for promotional goods and services.
Emotions are the new currency